Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Class Forming

American History Classes with American Girls

Each month the will study a certain American Girl and time period. How?

  1. By dressing up in that time period, each girl gets her own outfit.
  1. They will learn American history and create their own notebook. Each notebook will be filled with various history information that we discuss. Learning what was happening in American history during that American Girl.

  1. Crafts that relate to that time period. Like making their own clay pots; Swedish trunk, painting; and spoon bag, sewing; etc.
  1. Historical food sampling, even make food like apple butter, hobo soup, butter, etc.
  1. Play historical games.

6. They will even act out some things, like make our own 1930’s radio
  1. Much more…even horseback riding and most of all great friendship.

If you think your daughter or friend would like this kind of history class, sign her up for the American Girl History class on Mondays from 9-12.

v We meet in my home in Winterville.

v Different American Girl each month.

v We meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.

v Ages are from 6-10 and space is limited.

v All this for only $70.00 a month.

You may view last year’s classes on my blog: http://americangirlclass.blogspot.com/

Contact Sondra D. McCoy at 770-363-8025 or sondradmccoy@windstream.net

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rebecca Video

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Rubin is a nine-year-old living in New York in 1914 where she was born after her parents and grandparents, Russian Jews, immigrated to America. One of five children, she feels like the odd one out - her fourteen-year-old twin sisters think she is too young to go anywhere with them, and she has little in common with her two brothers. Rebecca longs to be more grown up - to be able help light the candles on the Sabbath, and see movies with her sisters.

Day One

Everyone started by shaping their own Challa bread

Crochet while reading the book (choice to read this book during class, due to it is new and hard to find).

Snack (eating the bread they made)

Explained the Friday Sabbath tradition. Watched several clips on each part of the ceremony

Work on Notebooks/Lapbook parts

Day Two

Crochet while finishing the book

Dressed in a scarf and made a rabbit brooch (copied out of the book)

Went through the whole Passover ceremony

Each girl received their own Sabbath kit:

Candle holder, candle, wine/juice goblet, fake bread, plate, bread covering

Included lunch

Immigration Talk/Map

Re-act immigration

Books I used:

Made own lapbook pages using the the template from www.homeschoolshare.com

Used some from the passover lapbook:

Meet Rebecca Rubin

Samantha's Video

Meet Samantha

Samantha Parkington is a bright, compassionate girl living with her wealthy grandmother in 1904. It's an exciting time of change in America, and Samantha's world is filled with frills and finery, parties and play. But Samantha sees that times are not good for everybody. That's why she tries to make a difference in the life of her friend Nellie, a servant girl whose life is nothing like Samantha's!

Day One

Gave each girl a large hair bow-purple
Started with History Lesson while girls cut out paperdolls
Made a decopage frame.
Decorated Gingerbread men for snack time
Made silhouette pictures of all the girl's head (just traced, cut out and added to their lapbooks)
Played the Va Vios game--Living Pictures

Day Two
Dressed girls in big white bows and white pinafores
Added a heart shape locket(as in book, movie had a locket necklace) and black gaiters w/black socks (to look like boots)
Worked on lapbooks and history
Played games: Whisper, Tea Table, and Taboo
Had a tea party lunch
Watched the Samantha movie

Used lapbook templates from www.homeschoolshare.com
Used books:
Meet Samantha
Samantha Learns a Lesson
Samantha's World

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Addy Video

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet Addy

Addy Walker is a proud, courageous girl who escapes from slavery with her mother in 1864. Together they embark on a dangerous journey to the North, hoping one day to reunite their family. Addy learns to read and write, makes new friends, and discovers what being free really means. Throughout it all, she holds on to her love and hope to get her through the worst of times and keep her dreams alive.

Day One

Costume: Civil War Solider Uniform

History Lesson: Lapbook/NB

  • Where in America Addy live? (NB)
  • Who is Addy? (NB)
  • Living In 184? (NB)
  • In Addy Day (NB)
  • Book One discussion with lots of lapbook pieces

Watch the Follow the Drinking Gourd story

Listen to the song

Paint the gourd

Dress Up as Soldiers

Eat Hardtack

Play Sally Walker GameDay Two

Costume: Apron dress/Hat/Necklace/Run-a-way bag (filled with drinking gourd and snack)

Book Two discussion

Divide into two groups:

*Make doll clothes for bean dolls

*Paint details on gourds

Eat Southern food:

  • Hoppin’ John
  • Corn Pudding
  • Greens
  • Apple Pie
  • Pound Cake

Listen to Goober Peas Song and eat boiled peanuts.


  • Sally Walker
  • Jump rope…rhymes
  • Feather
  • Shadow Bluff
  • Hide and Seek
Book List for this study:
Meet Addy
Addy Learns a Lesson
Addy's World
Lapbook pieces found at: www.homeschoolshare.com